New to Solar?

Whether you are completely new to solar or have some understanding of its concept, we recommend watching the video below before reading on. This informational video was published by the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) and outlines most of the basics to do with solar PV systems.

A Typical solar system 

The following diagram identifies the main components of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. At first glance it may look complex, however, our experience with these systems will guide you through process of each component in the PV system.

Solar pv system components

Number of panels

This is influenced by the factors of the building such as roof space and electricity demand. We recommend a system output of at least 3.68kwh. This will ensure your solar system meets the needs of your annual domestic hot water and electricity bill.

Hot water diverters
EV chargers 

When your solar PV system generates more than the building consumes you end up with surplus electricity. This can be used to heat your domestic hot water using a diverter like the Solar iboost or myenergi eddi, giving you free hot water annually. The myenergi Zappi Electric Vehicle (EV) charger can be used in conjunction with the eddi or separately which also diverts the surplus electricity to charge your EV. 

Power optimisers 

If shading is an issue on site then a device known as a power optimiser can reduce the impacts that shading has on a panels output. If a panel is shaded its output decreases and without this device that panel will reduce the overall output of the system.

planning permission 

Can I install solar panels without getting any permissions to do so? The answer to this depends on a couple of factors. The main factors are outlined below. Please be advised that the homeowner is purely responsible that their installation complies with all planning regulations. 

  • You can install a maximum of 12 metres squared of panels on your roof without any planning permission. This is approximately 6/7 panels in total or 2/2.5kw of power. We recommend getting planning permission for the full 6kw if you have the roof space available. 
  • The solar panel shall be a minimum of 500mm from any edge of the wall or roof on which it is mounted.
  • Up to 6kw of panels can be installed on a single phase ground mounted system without planning permission. This size is ideal as it will offset the majority of your annual electricity bill.


The amount that you save installing solar panels will generally vary, dependent upon the size of the array installed, and the utilisation of all energy used. 1KW of Solar PV will generally provide between  800-1000KW of free electricity. Interested? Give in touch with our team today and see what you may be able to save. 

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